Peace is something that everyone needs most likely more than anything else. Yet since time began, this world has never known true peace. With all the technological advances that have intensely changed the way we live, we still have not found a practicable formula.

Yes, we can produce a long list of steps that can be taken to promote peace. The list includes education, communication, understanding, economic assistance, negotiation, statesmanship, treaties, protocols and other government mechanisms to minimize resistance and resolve disputes. However, we know from unlucky experience that these approaches do not always achieve something.

There is another major force for peace, and I am personally influenced through the lessons of history, witnessed by science and confirmed by culture that beacon of hope. It is a force which offers civilization the best hope for extensive and lasting accord around the globe. Islam, the only solution to world peace.

‘Challenge your soul’ is the terminology we used to reflect man’s search and need for ‘inner’ peace, happiness and tranquility. This translates in ones pursuit of the worldly gratifications, such as money, power, wealth and recognition. For them it is not just a choice a life-style but a system of life, hence becomes religion. For others, such gratifications can be had from seeking a meaning, understanding and conviction of the purpose of life. Their quest usually takes them to acknowledging a divine order and the pursuit to please “The Supreme and Guardian over allin hope of a time immortal with eternal, happiness and tranquility. For them this is not only a choice of a system of life but also preference of a life-style.

Islam, is both a system of life and a choice of life-style, it offers both the promise of a true success in life and answering the question of the reason of life. If offers peace, happiness and tranquility both in this life and life after death, a time that is eternal. Islam also offers peace in all aspects of the person and their relationships. Peace in their relationship with God, family, friends, community, government. It covers the harmony in all areas and faculty of our lives.

The word Islam, translates from Arabic as peace and it is the very essence of peace. So why have Islam today become synonyms with war, conflict, violence, intolerance, repression and poverty. This because Islam is the best product with Muslims who are the worst sales men.
Islam has never before been under so much scrutiny, attack and negative press, yet why today more people coming to Islam than ever before. This is also because of something profound, Islam is beautiful, perfect and has divine protection so it can’t ever be tarnished. The honey bee shall always go to the nectar in any case of which direction the wind is blowing. With all the technological, scientific and multimedia advances, Islam today lacks a fair and sufficient platform and Muslim’s lack the presentations, charisma and wisdom. This inequality between the gross exposure of Islam and the true representation of Islam needs to addressed and rebalanced. Only then will Islam be the treasure uncovered and who in this world does not want to inherit the real treasure.

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